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.. . Use Bootstrap's custom button styles for actions in forms, dialogs, and more with support for ... btn-primary" type="submit">Button. Name: Button Class btn Btn-xs Btn-default Quote-post Data-posted By Obajava Data-target post-form Data-mes. File size: 619mb. Language: English. Rating: 1/.... ... Update User ... You can use something like this (you will have to get the parametres via post ... request; $("#idform").submit(function(event) { // Prevent default posting of form ... $form.find("input, select, button, textarea"); // Serialize the data in the form var...

Hello, before posting, I have the following pop up, which works fine, but looks a bit old: ... Senden .... A form with two submit buttons. The first submit button submits the form data with default target ("_self"), and the second submits the form data to a new window.... I am trying to: Display a post form to create a post, in a modal Link to a page ...


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